Batlogic Quick Release Plate


Batlogic Quick Release Plate

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The Batlogic full QuickRelease System allows you to use your own rowing shoes every time you row and comes with a pair of BasePlate cleats for your foot stretcher and a pair of ShoePlate Tops, which attach to almost any shoe for rowing.

Fits all major boats, ergo (with the BAT Logic ErgAdaptor) and rowing shoes.

Simply click in and out from seat to seat, boat to boat and boat to erg.

Greater stability, performance and injury risk reduction – part of over 300 World level medals and 16 World Records on and off the water.

Click in, click out.  Any boat, every seat.

  • The QuickRelease system comes with a pair of BasePlate cleats and ShoePlate Tops for QuickRelease functionality – your own shoes for every row (check Fitment tab)
  • Fits any boat, almost all shoes and works on Concept2 Ergometers with the ErgAdaptor (sold separately)
  • Brings performance gain and injury risk reductions
  • Compatible with most steering systems
  • Lightweight at <180 gram
  • Designed for rowing performance, not for walking
  • FISA approved heel ties must be used


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